Month: <span>January 2015</span>

Pan Amasado and the Chilean Carb Face

One of the things that most distinguishes the Chileans from their Argentine neighbors and rivals is the centrality of bread in the Chilean diet versus the centrality of beef in the Argentine. Chileans, simply put, are carb loaders extraordinaire, shoveling massive amounts of bread into their shopping bags and mouths every day of the week. […]

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A Note on Moroccan Plumbing

N.B. This piece appeared in the second issue of my old zine, Travelling Shoes, “Fun in Old Morocco”, first published in the Spring of 1998.  I sing the praises of the Moroccan squat toilet; that Middle Eastern plumbing fixture usually misidentified as a simple hole in the ground with a pair of slightly-elevated foot-rests for leverage. As […]

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The Chilean Army: Boldly Goose-Stepping into the Future

Whenever I want to explain the lingering influence of Germany on the militaries of South America, especially Chile, I show people this video… The Chilean Army comes by its German influences and traditions honestly, from a decent-sized influx of German immigrants during the second half of the 19th century, most of whom settled in the […]

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Una Hambuguesa Americana

N.B. This piece  appeared in the final issue of my old zine, Travelling Shoes, “Authentic Seville”, first published in the summer of 1999. The last few times I’ve visited Spain, I’ve not eaten a hamburger, operating on the unforgiving principle of “fool me once.” There’s a joke in Whit Stillman’s film Barcelona about the awful­ness of […]

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About Me

H.D. Miller and the Pleasures of Consumption In the summer of 1997, in a scenario familiar to most graduate students, I decided that I would start a small, self-published magazine devoted to travel rather than work on my dissertation. And from that moment of dereliction and work avoidance was born Travelling Shoes: An Eccentric Journal of […]

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